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Dancing Dragon

Image 01

I do so love it when things go as planned. I had big doubts about this latest bracelet, my first real foray into brick stitch. I never liked the stitch, it was rough and unpredictable like a deranged hobo. But when you open your mind, even a deranged hobo has a story and an inner goodness. I have found brick stitch’s inner goodness.

Image 01

Even when this piece was nearly finished, I wasn’t convinced. I thought that once it was done, I would look at it and see that it was lopsided and horrid. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. It’s unusual, but beautiful. It reminds me of the dragons you see dancing at Chinese New Year celebrations. Perhaps a little larger than I would have liked – it fits loosely on my average 7 inch wrists – but there is plenty of people with larger wrists that need adorning. See it instore here.

With this chapter completed, I must now ponder what comes next, I have lots of ideas waiting in the wings. Keep an eye out for you chance to win something pretty in the days to come.