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Alone But Not Lonely


As I write this, I am experiencing a rare solitude. This morning I took my 3 year old son to kindergarten for the third time, and then I took my 6 year old daughter to her first day of her second school year. My boy tells me “I luff Kindy” and “I luff my fwiends”. In his eagerness to get in the door he fell over three times, found the nearest toy truck and shouted “BYE MUM!!” It’s a good thing it’s only twice a week or he would explode from the excitement.  My daughter faces a slightly more daunting day,  a new teacher, new rules and a new classroom with children aged 6 to 8 years old. It’s a scary thing when your last class was exclusively 5 year olds.

As is a mother’s prerogative, I still feel a little anxious about them being away from me; more so for my daughter, who is a born anarchist. This is not helped by the fact the school is ever-so-slightly within earshot of my house. Random shouts, screams and wails are carried through my windows on the wind throughout the day and I find myself listening for the distress call of my cub.


Cup of tea and a sit down with Shaped Beadwork and Beyond by Diane Fitzgerald.

When I returned home, the silence was deafening, so I listened to two Slayer albums in their entirety while I done the housework in record time (no interruptions!) and then sat down for a cup of tea. A cup of tea in the middle of the day, how novel! I often boil the jug, but I never get as far as actually drinking tea.

After an un-rushed lunch I even sat down with my beads – will wonders never cease? I’ve been playing with circular netting lately, and after some experimentation, I’ve come up with a very simple bracelet design that I really love. One day I’ll develop it further, but for the moment, I’m just enjoying the simplicity of making them. Now it’s nearly time, to collect my boy, and the peace will be broken for the day. I’ll be glad to see him, but it sure was nice having a break.




Image 01

I’ve got so many ideas spinning around in my head, it’s difficult to choose which one to do next. My brain is just a jumble of wire, rivoli, beads in a thousand different forms and thread-paths that may or may not work.

Inner turmoil aside, it’s sunny here, and warm. I’ve missed this kind of weather, every winter i forget about it’s existence and when it does show up, it always catches me by surprise. Despite the sudden urgency I feel to get into a less rounded shape, this weather has put me in a good mood. A giving mood. A giveaway mood. With the help of rafflecopter, I am running a giveaway in which the winner chooses ANY item from the Facebook Sale photo album. Isn’t that fabulous? From 12am Thursday 19 September (NZ time) you can enter using the “Giveaway” tab on the Jenny Sangster Jewellery Facebook page. This competition is open worldwide. Good Luck!

Unwavering Beauty

Image 01

For artists, there is a joy in bending things to our will. Taking the inanimate and using it to create forms from our imaginations. That is the beauty I see in things such as wire, thread and beads – it’s their malleability.

But Image 01what happens when you’re faced with a material that’s not so yielding?

Memory wire is a supple coil of tempered steel that stretches out like a toy slinky, and snaps back in place when released. It is unyielding. Intractable. But what it does, it does well. All it needs is a bit of creative embellishing.

Memory wire is light-weight, comfortable to wear and gorgeous when dressed up. The beauty of memory wire is that one size fits all, it simply conforms to any object it is coiled around. Another bonus is that a memory wire bracelet or necklace will stay on securely without the need for a clasp, the strength of the coils is enough to hold it in place. My memory wire bracelets are available for sale, and can be viewed in my Facebook Sale album. Other colours can be made on request.



Image 01

After completing two Harlequin armbands in a row, I was desperate for a few quick projects before committing to another large one.

For most peoImage 01ple, intricite beadwork is something that is admired, but not worn. It’s shocking, I know! But I have to face the fact that the majority of the time, people like to wear simple jewellery. Big, bold, fabulous pieces definitely have their place, but simple is for everyday.

With that in mind, I have started on a range of pendants strung on ribbon and cord necklaces. These necklace will not be displayed in the online store, but they will be uploaded to a Facebook Sale album and can be purchased by sending me a private message or an email. I have plans for more non-woven jewellery to come soon, so watch this space.

Quick and Easy

Image 01

As my new Harlequin armband nears completion, I find myself thinking about what to make next. I like to plan ahead so that I’m not left with the notorious Beaders Block. For the time being, I’m over doing big projects; two massive peyote stitch armbands in a row has me dreaming in cylinder-bead pixels and I need a change of pace. I’m going to tear though a whole lot of quick projects to soothe my need for variation.

My first project is going to be something for myself. I’m going to a costume party this weekend, a rare excursion out in to the world. The theme is the letter S or D, I’m going as a swinger. Get your mind out of the gutter – I mean the dancing kind! I’ve got a black and white rockabilly dress with a big poufy black petticoat and some killer black heels. A talented seamstress friend is making me a little shawl so I can hide my wobbly upper-arms. I just need a brooch to hold the shawl in place, so I thought, why not make one? I’m going to try a wire woven one, as my vision of what I would make with beads would take to long and time is getting short. 

After the brooch I have a request from my sister for a red and silver viking knit bracelet. I’m looking forward to this as I have never used the bright wire colours before and I can’t wait to see what it will look like once it’s been pulled though the drawplate. To add a little glam to the rope-ends, I’ve got some stunning abacus crystals with a half Argent Flare coating on them, which gives them a silver effect.

Once I’ve done these two things, I’m going make some simple pieces. Big, showy, artistic jewellery is great and I love it, but there is beauty in simplicity and there is satisfaction in quick results. In time I intend to take my wares to market and a good stallholder should always have some lower cost items available. I have a gorgeous selection of pendants ready for stringing, and some memory wire waiting to be adorned.