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The Woes of a Catlady

An off topic post for today, as I am currently mourning the disappearance of my beloved, oldest kitty, Zakk. Moving house with four cats was always going to be tricky: new smells, new territory to establish, new rivals.

The first outings of the kitty gang was revealing in terms of individual personalities. The “under-dog” Lita, was the first to venture outside, doing a quick lap around the perimeter, then spend ample time peering over fences in to the neighbouring properties. She quickly established a system of roof-top/fence-top shortcuts and made her self at home.

Two days later the Alpha-male, Zakk and his highly strung personal secretary and hygiene assistant, Kranky emerged. Zakk had the first lap of the back yard, while Krank mimicked him a few feet behind and Lita watched from the garage roof. Both Zakk and PA returned to the safety of the bedroom for the rest of the day.


Angus, the dumb but loveable oaf, remained hidden under the blankets at the foot of the bed for several more days, coming out in the dead of night to eat and use the litter tray. Eventually he ventured out, only to become frightened and hide under the house for a day and a night.

Each cat gradually adopted a new routine, Lita slowly coaxed her playmate, Angus, back into play fighting and found a new hobby in skidding on the wood floor. Zakk returned to his usual habit of exploring far and wide, only returning once or twice each day for food and an ear scratch. Angus resumed dinner table scavenging. Krank continued cleaning Zakk’s ears and butt – a duty that she has taken very seriously since she was a 5 week old kitten.


Then Zakk stopped coming home. The last time I saw him, he was trying to eat while Krank held his head and jammed her tongue in his ear – his usual dinnertime routine. Angus sat nearby waiting his turn, while Lita, knowing her place in the pecking order, hid in the pantry. It’s been 5 days now, and he has not returned. It’s possible he’s decided to head back to our old place, but knowing Zakk, I think it’s more likely that he’s found himself a new human pet. One with a quieter house and a comfier sofa. He has a well documented history of making himself welcome in the homes of strangers and I have long suspected that he had another family in our old town. I’ve put posters up and contacted the local shelter, but I’m not getting my hopes up – I just hope wherever he his, he’s safe and warm and has a fully belly.



The Chaos Subsides – Somewhat

You may have noticed the lack of blog posts over the last few weeks. Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about posting, this will not be one of the millions of blogs abandoned and left to drift aimlessly through cyber-space for generations. I have a good excuse for my neglect: last weekend we moved house. It’s a huge change for our family, we’re closer to Husbands’ work, our daughter will be going to a new school and our son to a new kindy, our four cats have a new territory to establish and new neighbourhood rivals to contend with. Our cockatiel Ninja couldn’t care less.

Things have been insane ever since. Our new home, though beautiful, doesn’t appear to have had a lot of housekeeping so I’ve been very busy cleaning grimy windows and skirting boards, as well as trying to figure out where things should go. The kids have been restless and difficult as they adjust to their new world, so there’s been tantrums a-plenty and lots of bedtime resistance. Needless to say that by the time I get to put my feet up at night, I’m much to tired to put effort into beadwork. Husband threw a small spanner in the works by getting T-Boned in his car last night just around the corner. He’s ok, but his company car isn’t in a good way.  Between that and the screaming children, I’m feeling a little sorry for the people of this formerly peaceful neighbourhood.

I’m sure everything will normalise soon and I’ll get back into my groove before I know it.