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The Chaos Subsides – Somewhat

You may have noticed the lack of blog posts over the last few weeks. Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about posting, this will not be one of the millions of blogs abandoned and left to drift aimlessly through cyber-space for generations. I have a good excuse for my neglect: last weekend we moved house. It’s a huge change for our family, we’re closer to Husbands’ work, our daughter will be going to a new school and our son to a new kindy, our four cats have a new territory to establish and new neighbourhood rivals to contend with. Our cockatiel Ninja couldn’t care less.

Things have been insane ever since. Our new home, though beautiful, doesn’t appear to have had a lot of housekeeping so I’ve been very busy cleaning grimy windows and skirting boards, as well as trying to figure out where things should go. The kids have been restless and difficult as they adjust to their new world, so there’s been tantrums a-plenty and lots of bedtime resistance. Needless to say that by the time I get to put my feet up at night, I’m much to tired to put effort into beadwork. Husband threw a small spanner in the works by getting T-Boned in his car last night just around the corner. He’s ok, but his company car isn’t in a good way.  Between that and the screaming children, I’m feeling a little sorry for the people of this formerly peaceful neighbourhood.

I’m sure everything will normalise soon and I’ll get back into my groove before I know it.


Wet Socks and a Sale


Seventeen. That is the most pairs of earrings that I have made in one sitting. I’m not sure how long it took me, I can’t remember how many continuous episodes of Breaking Bad I sat through that night. I can remember that at the end of it my feet were like ice blocks. This is because I had been so focused on what I was doing that I didn’t notice that the carpet in front of the couch was damp, and this dampness had been slowly wicking up my socks. Mr. Two thinks it’s great fun to empty his sippy cup on the floor.

I now have 77 pairs of earrings made in preparation for the Hawera Ladies Night market on 20 November (make that 76, because I just took a pair for myself) and I’ve been mulling over my pricing options. My woven earrings are usually priced by taking into account how much the materials cost and how much work goes into them. This means there is a fairly big variation between the price of each pair.  The most expensive pair of earrings I have in stock at the moment are the Blizzard earrings at $NZ29 and the least expensive are the Little Nova earrings at $NZ18. In a perfect world, I would have each pair of earrings displayed on it’s own fancy card with my name emblazoned across the top, with the price listed on the card. But in that world, I would be able to afford a lovely big card holder display, and I would know what I’m doing. I would also be spending my days on a private island with my lovers Johnny Depp and Norman Reedus, while looking like Jessica Biel.

057In accordance to my budget, I have acquired a cheap, wobbly copper stand, which is not suited to individual pricing. Tiny price-tags hanging off earrings is not a good look. I’ve decided just to have a sale instead, woohoo bargains!!

This is my price list for all of my jewellery on the night, except for bead woven necklaces and bracelets, which are still prices individually.