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The winner of my 1000 likers has been drawn, congratulations to Maria Lawless, I hope you love the Clara necklace as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who entered, every like, share and comment, increases my exposure just a tiny bit, and every tiny bit helps me put food on the table. For that, I love you.

Frankly, 1000 likers on Facebook is a bit of a miracle. These days getting a Facebook post seen is next to impossible unless you pay for a “boost”.  Such is life, someone makes a good thing, the people rejoice, get hooked, and then they monetize it.

That may sound a little cynical, but I’m also in on the act of trying to earn a living. Introducing my new tutorial, Envoy. Available now in my Etsy store. I hope you enjoy it and remember to share pictures of your creations, I love seeing them.

Envoy Bracelet

Envoy Bracelet



That’s right, my gorgeous wee boy Zakky has come back to us through the magic of Facebook. Eighteen days after he disappeared, this is how things transpired this evening:

– Lovely Tania, from across town posts to the local SPCA’s facebook page that a large, skinny, tame-but-scared ginger cat has been hanging around her house for the last week.

– The wonderfully community minded Tina, who owns the Four Square (convenience store) in my previous town spotted the post and tagged me.

– I reply to the post, which prompts Tania to go outside and call him by name. Zakky comes running and Tania, being an volunteer animal foster carer, has a great big canvas pet carrier to trap him in.

– Tania sends me a message on facebook to let me know and I head over to ID him. Within half an hour of Tania’s posting on Facebook, Zakky-boy is safe at home. He’s very skinny, but he’s healthy. So far Zakk has had three meals, a tonne of cuddles and has reasserted his place at the head of the pride.

Zakky has never seen this rug before, and assumes it is a gift for his homecoming

Zakky has never seen this rug before, and assumes it is a gift for his homecoming

A ruler must assert his authority.

A ruler must assert his authority.



The Return of an Overlord. Kranky is not quite ready to resume her duties yet - a minion needs time to heal.

The Return of an Overlord. Kranky is not quite ready to resume her duties yet – a minion needs time to heal.

Doing his best Puss-in-Boots face during a petting frenzy.

Doing his best Puss-in-Boots face during a petting frenzy.

Custom Work and Wire Fun


This year, in a move completely out of character, I got organised for Christmas early. All of my shopping is done, dinner is going to be a casual summer barbecue; all I need to do is wrap the presents and I’m done.  It’s a good thing too, because my little Facebook Christmas sale seems to have ramped up interest in my artisan jewellery and custom work has been pouring in this last week. I’ve never had anything like it and I’m utterly thrilled.  I’ve had to order materials from the same store three days in a row and must offer my sincere thanks to the gracious Queen Bead from The Bead Hold. In the midst of her big relocation, no doubt the last thing she needed was picky customers (me) constantly amending orders.

2013-11-30 23.10.37My main focus over the last week or so has been wire. Once I find something that works, I often have trouble breaking away from a method to find new ways of doing something. In an attempt to stretch my creativity, I’ve been practicing making free-form pendants. I’m quite pleased with what I’ve come up with; they’re not as flawless as I would like, but hey, what is?

One great bonus to working with wire is how much quicker setup and pack up is. Everything goes in one box, all I need is a few simple tools and I’m good to go. Beading is a little more chaotic. I have numerous boxes and compartments, inside which are many more smaller containers containing hundreds different beads. Finding the right combination of beads for a project can be tedious.  At the end of the night I have to painstakingly return each container to its box or drawer and find any needles or beads that I may have dropped.  I guess it’s a small price to pay for doing something you love.

A little bit about myself


A game has been doing the rounds on Facebook lately, no doubt you’ve seen it. It’s where you’re allocated with a number, and which ever number you’re given, that is how many facts you have to share about yourself. You then have to give a number to everyone who ‘likes’ your post. They in turn share that number of facts about themselves. I thought that this would be a fun idea to steal for my blog, to share with you, dear reader, a little about myself. I chose the number ten, for no other reason, than it’s a good, round number. Here it goes:

1. I have two children who are clever, funny, mischievous and drive me up the wall because they’re always two steps ahead of me.

2. I have several tattoos and piercings, and would love more tattoos when time and money permits.

3.  I love rock and metal, but also classical music. My favourite live acts in equal measures are Slayer and Alice Cooper. I wish I could resurrect Freddie Mercury.

4. I’m boring, I go ‘out’ about once a year.

5. Mints make me sneeze.

6. I love rats. I’ve had 7 pet rats and raised a litter of 13. They’re clever, funny, affectionate personalities who are under-rated and often thrown to the mercy of children because people think they’re an ‘easy care’ first pet. Poor wee souls. I don’t have any rats right now, because I feel that I don’t have enough time to devote to their needs.

7. I believe that I’m a naturally selfish person. Having children has helped make me less selfish, but I still get upset occasionally that I can’t go to the bathroom without a child-related interruption.

8. I use the ‘C’ word. A lot. I can’t help it, it just comes out.

The C-word.

The C-word. I really don’t have a problem with it.

9. I get tremors. I always have. Sometimes its because of nerves and social anxiety, other times there’s no reason. It always happens in my hands, but sometimes it’s so bad that my whole body – even my face trembles. It’s horribly embarrassing, especially because people seem to like pointing it out.

10. I love art, clever art. Dali, Banksy, Terry Border, Jennifer Maestre, Oleg Shuplyak. Google them and broaden your mind.

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A Time to Grow


Pink Cadillac by Marsha Wiest-Hines. Image published with permission.

I often feel rushed when making jewellery. I’m never going fast enough for my liking and I feel that if I don’t churn out a finished piece every few days, that I’m somehow letting someone down. I seem to have developed this notion that I need to make a certain amount of things that people will want to wear every day, then I feel like a failure when I see how few people are actually buying my beadwork.  I look at the amazing project pieces by beaders such as Marsha Wiest-Hines or Eva Maria Keiser, and think to myself “if only I had time to experiment more so I could learn to make wondrous creations of my own”.


T-Hex by Eva Maria Keiser.
Image published with permission.

Then a short while back the talented Patrick Duggan, posted something on Facebook that resonated with me. I won’t write it word for word, but to summarise: ‘don’t get hung up on sales, bead for the love of beading, sales mean nothing and thinking about sales will stifle your creativity’.  Of course, the way he said it was much more eloquent and inspiring. He also said that when he dies, his family will be left with a house full of beautiful jewellery, which I think is a lovely image too. What a legacy to leave!

In two weeks time I have the Hawera Ladies Night market to attend, so right now, I’m playing catch up on earrings and memory wire bracelets, but once it’s done and dusted I’m changing my focus. I’m going to create the jewellery I want to create, instead of feeling obliged to meet an imaginary expectation.  I’m going to work on becoming the artist I aspire to be. Creating should not be about catering to the market, it should be about inspiring wonder, the kind of wonder that I feel when I see the bead work of the masters.

I Hate To Bring This Up But…


Wow, November 1st and I’ve already got all of my Christmas shopping done.  Despite my constant warnings of “Santa won’t bring you any toys if you don’t drop that attitude, Missy!”, my children will in fact be getting Christmas presents this year. I have to admit, this super-organisation wasn’t because of an undying enthusiasm for the holidays, but rather a desire to get it over and done with, so I don’t have to spend the next 7 weeks worrying about it. That’s right folks SEVEN WEEKS. Horrible isn’t it?

Custom made necklace, black with Heliotrope Swarovski Rivoli pendant

Custom made necklace, black with Heliotrope Swarovski Rivoli pendant

So now that you’re reeling from that bombshell, let me take the time to remind you to think about the women in your life. Your mothers, daughters, aunts, (yourself) and friends who deserve something extra special. There is still time to order custom made jewellery for Christmas; one of a kind gifts for one of a kind people. To enquire about custom jewellery, email me at sales@jennysangster.co.nz. Ready made bead woven jewellery is available in my online store and less elaborate jewellery, made from basic assembled components are listed on my Facebook Sale album.

In other news, the Halloween Giveaway has been drawn, congratulations to Andrea L.  I hope you love your new necklace, it was a joy to make.  There are more giveaways coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled. The Facebook page is close to 300 likers so I will be having a draw when that milestone has been reached and of course, a Christmas giveaway is also on the cards.



Image 01

I’ve got so many ideas spinning around in my head, it’s difficult to choose which one to do next. My brain is just a jumble of wire, rivoli, beads in a thousand different forms and thread-paths that may or may not work.

Inner turmoil aside, it’s sunny here, and warm. I’ve missed this kind of weather, every winter i forget about it’s existence and when it does show up, it always catches me by surprise. Despite the sudden urgency I feel to get into a less rounded shape, this weather has put me in a good mood. A giving mood. A giveaway mood. With the help of rafflecopter, I am running a giveaway in which the winner chooses ANY item from the Facebook Sale photo album. Isn’t that fabulous? From 12am Thursday 19 September (NZ time) you can enter using the “Giveaway” tab on the Jenny Sangster Jewellery Facebook page. This competition is open worldwide. Good Luck!