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Omigosh A Sale!

Who doesn’t love a good sale, huh?  With Christmas quickly approaching, we could all use a good bargain, and what better gift than a unique one of a kind piece of jewellery! Every item (excluding tutorials) has been significantly reduced to clear the way for fresh stock in the New Year. Have a browse in store here.

Silver and Turquoise Mailye Necklace with Swarovski Crystals, on sale now!

Silver and Turquoise Mailye Necklace with Swarovski Crystals, on sale now!

Looking for something a bit more personal? Order a custom piece of jewellery in your (or your loved one’s) favourite colours. All custom orders received before December 1 will also receive a free mystery gift, but get in quick, numbers are strictly limited. To enquire, email me at sales@jennysangster.co.nz or PM me on Facebook.

Custom ordered Wonder Woman Cuff

Custom ordered Wonder Woman Cuff

Wonder Woman’s Miyuki Renaissance

After listing my Wonder Woman in the Sky on Acid bracelet, one of my lovely customers inquired as to it’s size and alas, we found it to be to large for her. But instead, I’ve made her a custom horned bangle using the same colours. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and added in some extra sections of solid cobalt. I used a scalloped edge and nearly built an internal layer of wings on the petticoat, but changed my mind at the last instant, going for a red-edged, cobalt sleeve instead. This one reminds me of Japanese Muromachi architecture, which is fitting, seeing as it’s made entirely of Japanese Miyuki Delica beads.

Of all of my Contemporary Geometric Beadwork pieces, this is by far my favourite. I’ve finally found the tension that suits me best and a thread that I like. Nymo isn’t everyone choice, in fact I’m usually a die-hard Fireline fan, but for these projects I find it ideal. My only concern now is that it fits my customer!  I have rather un-feminine hands, so to me, it’s rather small, but it does have a decent amount of flex; I’m cautiously optimistic.

wonderwoman2 (2) wonderwoman2 (3) wonderwoman2 (4) wonderwoman2 (7)

Custom Work and Wire Fun


This year, in a move completely out of character, I got organised for Christmas early. All of my shopping is done, dinner is going to be a casual summer barbecue; all I need to do is wrap the presents and I’m done.  It’s a good thing too, because my little Facebook Christmas sale seems to have ramped up interest in my artisan jewellery and custom work has been pouring in this last week. I’ve never had anything like it and I’m utterly thrilled.  I’ve had to order materials from the same store three days in a row and must offer my sincere thanks to the gracious Queen Bead from The Bead Hold. In the midst of her big relocation, no doubt the last thing she needed was picky customers (me) constantly amending orders.

2013-11-30 23.10.37My main focus over the last week or so has been wire. Once I find something that works, I often have trouble breaking away from a method to find new ways of doing something. In an attempt to stretch my creativity, I’ve been practicing making free-form pendants. I’m quite pleased with what I’ve come up with; they’re not as flawless as I would like, but hey, what is?

One great bonus to working with wire is how much quicker setup and pack up is. Everything goes in one box, all I need is a few simple tools and I’m good to go. Beading is a little more chaotic. I have numerous boxes and compartments, inside which are many more smaller containers containing hundreds different beads. Finding the right combination of beads for a project can be tedious.  At the end of the night I have to painstakingly return each container to its box or drawer and find any needles or beads that I may have dropped.  I guess it’s a small price to pay for doing something you love.

Healing Jewellery


Recently, I had an enquiry from a mother asking if I could make a necklace for her son using healing gemstones. While I do occasionally use gemstones, both in my jewellery and in my personal life, they’re not a subject I can claim expertise on. I am, however, interested in the subject and felt honoured to be asked. Now I’m not sure just how useful gemstones are in regards to their metaphysical properties, perhaps they resonate with the body and soul acting as a catalyst for healing, perhaps they function entire because of a placebo effect. However they work, it is clear that many people find them to be very effective and as long as they’r e not being used in lieu of medical care, they certainly can’t hurt. 2013-12-14 19.52.37

After doing some very thorough research I found out which stones were the most appropriate for the issues that my client wanted to address and set about finding a source for the beads and planning a design.  I do feel that a certain amount of intuition comes in to play when selecting stones, I found myself rejecting stones that matched my criteria for no reason other than they didn’t ‘feel right’ for the purpose. I’m very pleased with the end result, and I hope my client and her son will be too.

I Hate To Bring This Up But…


Wow, November 1st and I’ve already got all of my Christmas shopping done.  Despite my constant warnings of “Santa won’t bring you any toys if you don’t drop that attitude, Missy!”, my children will in fact be getting Christmas presents this year. I have to admit, this super-organisation wasn’t because of an undying enthusiasm for the holidays, but rather a desire to get it over and done with, so I don’t have to spend the next 7 weeks worrying about it. That’s right folks SEVEN WEEKS. Horrible isn’t it?

Custom made necklace, black with Heliotrope Swarovski Rivoli pendant

Custom made necklace, black with Heliotrope Swarovski Rivoli pendant

So now that you’re reeling from that bombshell, let me take the time to remind you to think about the women in your life. Your mothers, daughters, aunts, (yourself) and friends who deserve something extra special. There is still time to order custom made jewellery for Christmas; one of a kind gifts for one of a kind people. To enquire about custom jewellery, email me at sales@jennysangster.co.nz. Ready made bead woven jewellery is available in my online store and less elaborate jewellery, made from basic assembled components are listed on my Facebook Sale album.

In other news, the Halloween Giveaway has been drawn, congratulations to Andrea L.  I hope you love your new necklace, it was a joy to make.  There are more giveaways coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled. The Facebook page is close to 300 likers so I will be having a draw when that milestone has been reached and of course, a Christmas giveaway is also on the cards.