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The winner of my 1000 likers has been drawn, congratulations to Maria Lawless, I hope you love the Clara necklace as much as I do. Thank you to everyone who entered, every like, share and comment, increases my exposure just a tiny bit, and every tiny bit helps me put food on the table. For that, I love you.

Frankly, 1000 likers on Facebook is a bit of a miracle. These days getting a Facebook post seen is next to impossible unless you pay for a “boost”.  Such is life, someone makes a good thing, the people rejoice, get hooked, and then they monetize it.

That may sound a little cynical, but I’m also in on the act of trying to earn a living. Introducing my new tutorial, Envoy. Available now in my Etsy store. I hope you enjoy it and remember to share pictures of your creations, I love seeing them.

Envoy Bracelet

Envoy Bracelet

Taking a Nap on the Orient Express

My new household is up and running at a hectic pace. My leisurely mornings are now full-on as I try to get myself ready for work as well as get the kids ready for school. Work is physical, but enjoyable; then it’s home to catch up on the days housework and feed the family before falling in to bed.

I’m still finding my groove, and working out how to fit everything in, but somehow I did manage to squeeze in time to finish a new bronze schemed Orient Express Bracelet. I do have to admit though, I may have nodded off once or twice towards the end of making it. There is a tutorial for this bracelet over on my Etsy page.


I have no idea what I’m making next, or when I’ll next be able to open the bead cabinet, but I hope it won’t be to far away. For now, though, my pillow is calling. Night all.

Every Autumn, my Thoughts Turn to Snow

Summer is winding down here and the socks and extra blankets have been put to good use. The cats are spending more of their evenings inside and the sun is as reluctant to rise in the mornings as I am.

My daughter enjoying her first snow in 2011

My daughter enjoying her first snow in 2011

I enjoy the colder months. I love the feeling of being rugged up warm inside, while outside the wind howls or the rain pours and puddles freeze. Oh, I know, it’s cold and flu season, but that doesn’t bother me, I seem to get colds and flus year-round anyway. We’re lucky that we don’t get the extremes of the South Island. We get the odd snow fall, but not every year, so when it does happen it’s exciting and we want more. We’ve only had one really good snow fall in the last decade or so, and I have my fingers crossed for another this winter.But I’m getting ahead of myself. Winter is still two months away. Best that I enjoy the Autumn first.

In beady news, my Hollow Cube Beaded Bead tutorial is available in my Etsy store right now. I have Deb from Datz Katz to thank for proofing it for me and picking up my many typos. I have two more tutorials in the works, but they are a bit more complicated than a humble cube, so they may take some time.

Hollow Cube Beaded Bead

Hollow Cube Beaded Bead

This past weekend, Wanganui/Whanganui (which ever spelling makes you happy, please don’t set the “H” police onto me), artists had their annual Open Studio weekend, which is a wonderful thing. This year 72 private studios were open to the public, featuring every kind of artist imaginable. I was in town for other reasons, so I didn’t tour around, but I did find time to stop in to see Barbara Bullock’s glass studio (Beads with Flare) and picked up a few lamp-worked beads. Barbara mostly works free-form with her glass and torch, but she also makes larger fused glass art pieces. She was a wonderful, and informative host and gave us a demonstration of her process. Next year, I hope the dedicate the entire weekend to studio hopping.

Onward and Upward

I’m happy to announce that I have my inspiration back. The last few weeks have been full of emotional ups and downs, but we’re on the right track and, most importantly, so is my beading. I’m super busy, but I’ve managed to keep my needle ticking along and it’s been a wonderful creative outlet for everything going on in my head. First I made myself a pair of sparkly earrings to cheer myself up, then I made three more pairs just because. Next, I decided that dark times called for neon colours and chained a bunch of beaded beads together to make a fun necklace with Superduo’s and O-beads.

20150309_142217 20150312_143556

Then, near tragedy struck, when I ran out of Fireline and had no money left to buy any. I have a policy that (ex) Husband’s earnings don’t pay for my jewellery materials, so I have to sell things to buy things. Considering our current situation, it would be a little too cheeky of me to break that rule now.  It’s been a long time since I sold anything; the coffers are bone-dry.

Then a most wonderful, amazing, generous person, surprised me with a deposit in my bank account. I actually cried. Not over the Fireline, although it is pretty amazing stuff, I cried that someone cared enough to do that for me. My day had been horrendous, and this gesture reminded me that the world is full of good people who care about other people.

Feeling inspired I immediately rummaged through my stash and found beads and crystals that reminded me of my Fireline Fairy, who by all accounts, has the most gorgeous blue eyes. With my newly purchased Fireline, I managed to pull them together to become this silver and blue herringbone necklace with Bermuda Blue Swarovski Cosmic Crystals and a peyote bail. I’m slightly hesitant, as it may be a touch too long for her, but I can alter it if necessary. I just hope she likes it.


But it’s onward and upward for me. I’ve been applying for jobs left, right, and centre, looking at houses to live in, working and reworking my budget over and over to try to make it tell me something different, and just generally swinging wildly from stress to elation. I’m happy/nervous/scared/excited and I don’t quite know how things are going to work out, but I know that with a little time, work out they will.

One of Those Weeks

I recently decided to take a wee break from beading, life was getting too busy and by the time the evening rolled around, I was too tired. I figured, take some time off, catch up on some rest.
“Great idea!” said Brain.
“Oh Hell no!” said Body.
As well as having two sick children (yes, again),  I have been struck down with tonsillitis, bronchitis and conjunctivitis. What a week. Surely nothing else could go wrong…….. could it?

Manuka honey is the best. I've been through a whole jar this week.

Manuka honey is the best. I’ve been through a whole jar this week.


Husband wants a divorce.

Actually, it wasn’t that earth shattering. It was fairly expected and honestly, a bit of a relief; sad yes, but also an opportunity. Thankfully, we’re both on the same page, so we can do this in a friendly way. We have kids, so we’ll always have a relationship, and we both see no reason that it can’t be a happy one. There will be details to iron out, compromises to make, disagreements and differences to deal with, but we’re dedicated to doing what is best for the kids, and if we keep the focus on them, we’ll be fine. The main thing is, we’re still a family. I’m looking forward to facing the challenges ahead.

My health is gradually improving, but I feel like I could sleep for days. Hopefully I’ll be back to my jewellery before long. My wire is beckoning me.


Most of the time, men are infuriating. I often suspect that this is entirely intentional. But every now and then, one of them does something redeeming. Today, husband rescued my beads.  That’s right, even after getting a new key, my beads were still stuck. This is because my brand new key broke almost immediately after being inserted in to the keyhole from Hell.  Anyway, husband removed the back of my cabinet. My beads and bits are now safely tucked away in lidded plastic storage bins, hidden from the prying hands of my children.


Husband also removed the lock so that I can take it in to a locksmith. Inside the mechanism, was not a doorway to a fiery pit of damnation as I had come to expect;  instead we found, the teeth from my new key, a small plastic tag and a nib from a ball-point pen. Oh the joys of children – although, I must admit, experience tell me I got off light here.


The Curse of the Vintage Barrel Key

Something terrible has happened.

I have lost the key to my bead cabinet. A few years ago, my original key was taken by one of my children, presumably to the garden, never to be seen again. My mother gave me one of her keys, as she owns a cabinet with the same lock. It came with the stern warning of “Don’t lose this one, I don’t have another spare”.  Sorry Mum.

I don’t know how I could have been so careless.  It is the most important key I own. I look after it better than I look after my house keys and my car keys.  I know it’s whereabouts, even when I don’t know where my own children are.  But somehow I still lost it.


My poor beads, they must be so frightened….

It happened after my order from Fire Mountain Gems arrived on Thursday, but before my order from The Bead Hold arrived on Friday. I spent far too long admiring my goodies from FMG and lamenting over the excess plastic packaging, when suddenly it was 2pm and I had only fifteen minutes before I had to leave to pick up my son from Kindergarten. I could have waited until afterward to put my new beads away, I should have waited, but I didn’t. I thought 15 minutes was plenty of time. So when I looked up and saw 2.15pm on the clock above the aforementioned cabinet, I hurriedly bundled the last of my boxes inside, locked the door, (….something, something, something….), then jumped in the car and off I went.

Fast forward to the next day: Oh, another parcel on my doorstep! A lovely package from The Bead Hold. Some much needed black wire and some much desired Super-duos and Rullas. Too busy to put them away just yet, I’ll do it later. I throw them into my special “Essentials” box to deal with later.

Later: Kids are in bed, time to make something pretty. I grab my Essentials box, which contains my threads, needles, pliers, cutters, scoop, a nifty little Japanese puzzle eraser gifted to me by Kate McKinnon and the all important KEY. But there is no key here this day. I search high and low, I recount the previous days events, what happened during the “something, something, something” blank space in my memory?  I search in the car, I search in every logical place, and many illogical places. I search both logical and illogical places multiple times. I’m not ashamed to admit that I may have needed to hold back tears a little; you must understand, my sanity was compromised during this stressful event.

I still don’t know quite where or how the key has disappeared, but on Wednesday, I’m heading to Mum’s house, to steal her key and hope that I find someone who can make me a replica or five.