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Unwavering Beauty

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For artists, there is a joy in bending things to our will. Taking the inanimate and using it to create forms from our imaginations. That is the beauty I see in things such as wire, thread and beads – it’s their malleability.

But Image 01what happens when you’re faced with a material that’s not so yielding?

Memory wire is a supple coil of tempered steel that stretches out like a toy slinky, and snaps back in place when released. It is unyielding. Intractable. But what it does, it does well. All it needs is a bit of creative embellishing.

Memory wire is light-weight, comfortable to wear and gorgeous when dressed up. The beauty of memory wire is that one size fits all, it simply conforms to any object it is coiled around. Another bonus is that a memory wire bracelet or necklace will stay on securely without the need for a clasp, the strength of the coils is enough to hold it in place. My memory wire bracelets are available for sale, and can be viewed in my Facebook Sale album. Other colours can be made on request.




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After completing two Harlequin armbands in a row, I was desperate for a few quick projects before committing to another large one.

For most peoImage 01ple, intricite beadwork is something that is admired, but not worn. It’s shocking, I know! But I have to face the fact that the majority of the time, people like to wear simple jewellery. Big, bold, fabulous pieces definitely have their place, but simple is for everyday.

With that in mind, I have started on a range of pendants strung on ribbon and cord necklaces. These necklace will not be displayed in the online store, but they will be uploaded to a Facebook Sale album and can be purchased by sending me a private message or an email. I have plans for more non-woven jewellery to come soon, so watch this space.