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Bitza Bangle

Those of you who follow my personal blog, Unplanned Detour, will be aware of my recent changes; for the sake of those of you who do not, I’ll fill you in. I got a job! Well, two jobs: cleaning, and gardening. It’s hard physical work for my unaccustomed body, but it’s satisfying all the same. Even bigger news, I’ve bought a house! I move in next weekend, and I can’t wait. I’m probably going to be dirt poor, for the next 30 years, but I’ll figure it out. If you want to help me pay my lawyer fees, head over to my Etsy store and go nuts.

Somehow, in amongst all the madness, I managed to complete my new Bitza Bangle. Returning to some of the CGB techniques I’ve grown to love so much, this one features a nice little winged miniskirt and a scalloped edge. The skirt repeats the diamond pattern of the bangle beneath, so it’s a subtle detail which I love to run my fingers over. I’d love to make a tutorial for this one too, if only I can find the time and focus. Tutorials take a bit more cognitive power than beading, I’m not sure I have much cognitive power to spend at the moment.

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Kina Ice-cream

I have just completed my first ever Fortuneteller Bangle, a design introduced to myself and many others from Kate McKinnon’s Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volume I. I said I was going to try to stay true to the pattern, rather than deviate off on to my usual tangents but alas, there is one very small change. I accidentally began my mini-horn increases one notch further down into the valleys. This did not affect the overall design significantly – just slightly smaller horns.

My version has been compared to a sea urchin (which we in New Zealand call ‘kina’) and the colours make me think of ice-cream, so I named the piece ‘Kina Ice-cream’ – which sounds absolutely wretched, so I like the irony of giving the name to such a pretty thing.  I won’t clutter up this post with any more words, I will simply share my photos with you all.

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