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Memory Sale


No, I’m not selling my memories, although, some of them I would dearly love to be rid of! Like falling over in front of my entire school during prize-giving, among others too embarrassing to share here. I’m have a sale on my memory wire bracelets. Memory wire is awesome because one size fits all, you don’t need to mess around with any fiddly clasp and they never lose their shape.
I usually sell these bracelets for $NZ22 but for this weekend, you can order yours for just $NZ15 including postage in you’re in New Zealand. If you’re international it will be an extra $NZ6 postage. These bracelets are made to order so let me know which colours you would like on your bracelet when you email me at
ALSO, because I’m having an extended weekend, the sale will be extended too, until midnight Monday 7 October. Have a great weekend everyone!




Image 01

I’ve got so many ideas spinning around in my head, it’s difficult to choose which one to do next. My brain is just a jumble of wire, rivoli, beads in a thousand different forms and thread-paths that may or may not work.

Inner turmoil aside, it’s sunny here, and warm. I’ve missed this kind of weather, every winter i forget about it’s existence and when it does show up, it always catches me by surprise. Despite the sudden urgency I feel to get into a less rounded shape, this weather has put me in a good mood. A giving mood. A giveaway mood. With the help of rafflecopter, I am running a giveaway in which the winner chooses ANY item from the Facebook Sale photo album. Isn’t that fabulous? From 12am Thursday 19 September (NZ time) you can enter using the “Giveaway” tab on the Jenny Sangster Jewellery Facebook page. This competition is open worldwide. Good Luck!

Harlequin: Cool

Image 01

It was a long haul but I finally finished my Cool version of the Harlequin armband. I’ve been making it so long, I was getting thoroughly sick of looking at it. But now it’s finished and it’s beaImage 01utiful once again.

I’m not exactly sure how long it took me to make. I always forget to keep track of the time, but it’s got 57 rows and each row takes somewhere around 25 minutes. That’s 1425 minutes (23 hours 45 mintues) not including time spent designing, adding thread or fixing errors. That’s probably a pretty conservative guess really, yesterday I used the same equation to work out how much longer I had to go until it was finished. My estimate was 4 hours, but it turned out to be 6 hours so I’m a little worse for wear today. But it’s finished. And it’s glorious.