Spews and Flowers

We’re entering the second week of the school break, and we’re all still alive, but a little worse for wear. Last week, we treated ourselves to a short family holiday, which was exhausting but fun. Our adventures took us to Hamilton Zoo, an indoor trampoline park, movies, museums and thoroughly wore the kids out – as well as exposing them to a nasty stomach flu. Thankfully the effects of which only became manifest on the day we were coming home. Three and a half hours in a car with two children violently expelling the contents of their stomachs. Master Three is still ill 3 days later and had a little trip to the ER today for some hydration and nausea suppressants, which seems to have helped somewhat.


He’s still yelling at us to leave him alone, but he’s doing it with a bit more gusto now, I’m choosing to see that as a good sign.

When you last heard from me, I was working on a Rick-Rack circlet, but didn’t want to reveal what it was going to become – just in case it didn’t work out. But work out it did and I’ve now created two Rick-Rack Flower Hairpins.


These are rather addictive and I’m now working on a third. Great colour schemes keep occurring to me, spurring me on. At the same time, I’m pining to play with some super cute lampworked beads that I got from glass artist Lesley McIver, and I’ve got a little stash of O-beads that need to be experimented with. Such fun!




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