Monthly Archives: September 2014

Back in the Swing of Things

My energy levels are creeping back up, and it’s a good thing too, with everyone in the family except myself, infectious and bacteria ridden. This makes me the obligatory midnight nose wiper, cuddle giver, sibling separator and medicine dispenser.  Long may I fend off their disgusting affliction.

Happily, my beading is back on track, with a new Rick-Rack from Contemporary Geometric Beadwork. This one isn’t going to be a bangle, however; I have an entirely different plan. I’m keeping mum on it until I know for sure that it’s going to work. I’m enjoying the simplicity of working in a gradient of colours instead of following a pattern.


I’m also very slowly working on a tutorial for my new Burlesque bangles.  I’m not getting a lot of uninterrupted computer time at the moment, so it’s taking a while. If I’m completely honest, I kind of keep forgetting that I’m working on it. I’ll get there eventually. I haven’t managed to get photos of the bangles that do them justice. They look kind of messy in still images, but in real life, they’re beautiful and sparkly. Swarovski crystals can only truly be appreciated in motion.

burlesque (2)