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Naps and Nuttiness

One of the benefits of being an anxious person, is motivation. It’s easy to get the housework done when you’re stressed. I have a crazy internal voice that says, “I have to get all the washing done before Husband gets home or he’ll think I do nothing all day, and he’ll secretly resent me forever.” and “If all the beds aren’t made first thing in the morning I might forget to make them and that would be a disaster for reasons unknown“. It also means I get lots of beading done because, “If I don’t bead this idea right now, I might forget about it and it will be gone for good.”

Being insane definitely has it’s pluses. Unfortunately it also means that you’re perpetually frazzled, and no matter how much housework and beading you’ve done, it’s never enough and you still feel like a failure. When it all gets too much, intervention is necessary. Luckily I’m blessed with a fair bit of self-awareness on this front, and know when it’s time to ask for medical help, which is what I did 7 weeks ago.

Ahh, sweet relief! This is a much more relaxed pace. I’m not sweating the small stuff and it’s great. The draw back, of course is that I’m tired. I have a pile of unfolded washing in my living room and no inclination to fold it. I’m only able to bead for short periods of time before my eyelids start drooping and I lose concentration. I am making jewellery and tutorials, but only very slowly. My doctor tells me that this will pass soon, so please bear with me, I just need to stretch out in the sun and have a wee nap first.


Getting Back My Mojo

Creativity doesn’t always come easily to me. Sometimes I go through phases where ideas don’t flow; my guiding force has come up lame and I feel stifled. There’s a sense of claustrophobia that comes with being unable to create successfully, it’s like an external force bearing down on me, preventing that something from getting out. Luckily such phases are relatively shortlived, and once they pass, I can get on with enjoying the process.


Success with Miyuki beads

candace (1)

Christine necklace Version 1.0

My most recent phase of creative constipation, I dealt with by weaving a length of plain, single-colour crochet, which I turned into a simple necklace. Once it was finished, I still felt un-enthused. I persevered because of a secret unreasonable fear that if I “take a break”, I may not ever start again. A new bracelet design eventuated, which I loved, then I added a circular peyote stitched button clasp. It was my first attempt at circular peyote, so I thought I’d try it again, but my second result was wonky. Still not out of my slump, I felt disheartened, even though I was aware that my failure was most likely due to the use of Czech seed beads, whereas my initial design was made with the much more consistent Japanese Miyuki beads. My supply of Japanese seed beads is very limited, with the vast majority of my stash being Czech, so I took to the internet and ordered a modest amount of Toho seed beads in delicious bright colours. When they arrived, I felt rejuvenated. I’ve never worked with Toho seeds before, but they are my new favourites. They’re perfect little units, and the hole on the 11/0’s is wide enough to slip a jump-ring through, which is a huge bonus for finishing all manner of trinkets.

With my new loves at the ready, I quickly whipped up a necklace in Hot Pink, Lemon, Lime and Sky Blue, using the same technique as my bracelet. But found that the chain twisted  when worn. But my creative flow was functioning again, and a simple solution was quickly found and I began stitching my final design. I intend to try that bracelet again, I’m determined to conquer circular peyote, this time in Tohos.

(Edit: I originally named the necklace Candace, however I have now renamed it Christine in honor of the woman who was the receive the pink version for her birthday next week. Christine tragically passed away as the result of an accident on Saturday night after spending the evening babysitting her grandchildren. Much love to her family.)

Completed Candace necklace, available at

Completed Candace necklace, available at