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Back to the Frontline

I never intended this is be a blog solely about jewellery, it was intended to also provide a bit of insight into who I am and what is on my mind. Sometimes I forget that.

As a child, I remember feeling like the school term dragged on forever, and the promise of holidays was just a dream. Now that I’m grown and have a school aged child of my own, all that has changed. I’m on a bullet train through time and just when I suspect that the kernel of common sense might be showing signs of germination in the minds of her teachers, along comes the school holidays like a bucket of Round-Up on my dreams. Then we’re back to square one.

You see, my daughter has severe ADHD, and frankly, it’s not really a big deal, so long as her needs are provided for. It’s a demanding job, but it’s do-able. She requires patience, love, hugs, encouragement, assistance in understanding her emotions, supervision when playing with others and someone to step in and intervene as soon as she’s getting frustrated.
monkey (2)


Since starting her new school, it’s been a battle.  In the beginning, promises were made; reassurances of resources and experience. But as is often the case when signing treaties, truths had been stretched and their confidence far out-weighed their ability to provide. Things deteriorated in to the inevitable standoff. Their squadron hurling projectiles of “stretched resources” and “it’s too hard” and we keep coming up against blockades of “the school is doing everything within it’s ability to assist,” which is really just an attempt to placate, while saying we’re not going to try anything else. But I’ve got my war-paint on and my battle cry is “Do Your Goddamned Job”, and “Common Sense is Free”.

The poor support of last term has meant that we’ve spent the holidays working though major self-esteem issues, depression and nightmares. It breaks my heart to hear my little girl tell me through tears that she doesn’t want to be “bad” any more, especially when I know that meltdowns that cause the negative behaviour are completely avoidable with the correct care.

Now the break is nearly at an end, and I am nervous for her. She’s afraid of the kids who know how to trigger her; she’s worried that the teachers won’t listen to her and she’ll get angry and lose control. She’s scared that she’s going to get blamed for things that she didn’t do just because she’s the ‘naughty kid’. And I feel guilty because I know that she’s right, but I’ve got to send her in to that environment anyway.

But we’ll get through it, because we have to, and because I won’t let them fail.

New Wire Bracelets

Winter has decided to arrive fashionable late this year, but arrive it has.  A storm has hit the country, bringing hail and snow up from Antarctica.  This will no doubt be a bit of a shock to my plants that thought spring started several weeks ago. I intend to spend much of the remaining season in front of a fire, counting down the weeks until The Walking Dead returns.

This past week I have been weaving a length of trichinopoly chain (also known as Viking Knit) to finish my bracelets off. I love the double knit it’s so sleek and strong after it has been pulled through the draw plate. I have these three new bracelets in store now.

artwrapped Olivewrapped Ultraorangewrapped

Now the school holidays are looming, and I’m in need of some relaxation. I’m loading up some crochet thread with a single colour of beads, so that I can mindlessly work without having to follow a pattern – bliss.