Wonder Woman’s Miyuki Renaissance

After listing my Wonder Woman in the Sky on Acid bracelet, one of my lovely customers inquired as to it’s size and alas, we found it to be to large for her. But instead, I’ve made her a custom horned bangle using the same colours. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and added in some extra sections of solid cobalt. I used a scalloped edge and nearly built an internal layer of wings on the petticoat, but changed my mind at the last instant, going for a red-edged, cobalt sleeve instead. This one reminds me of Japanese Muromachi architecture, which is fitting, seeing as it’s made entirely of Japanese Miyuki Delica beads.

Of all of my Contemporary Geometric Beadwork pieces, this is by far my favourite. I’ve finally found the tension that suits me best and a thread that I like. Nymo isn’t everyone choice, in fact I’m usually a die-hard Fireline fan, but for these projects I find it ideal. My only concern now is that it fits my customer!  I have rather un-feminine hands, so to me, it’s rather small, but it does have a decent amount of flex; I’m cautiously optimistic.

wonderwoman2 (2) wonderwoman2 (3) wonderwoman2 (4) wonderwoman2 (7)


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