Wonder Woman in the Sky on Acid

Today I’m unveiling my new CGB piece, this time a horned bangle.  While I was making it, it reminded me of Wonder Woman’s outfit. She always wore plain gold gauntlets, but if
Wonder Woman dropped a whole lot more acid, she might prefer something with wings and horns. This one started with 90 units of gold MRAW, a blue bead-soup background, 10 golden horns and then I tried my hand at Kate’s Elegant Guide Round. I used black Nymo D thread this time, which I found ideal for this project, and so much easier than my mystery thread from my last project, which tangled and frayed if I so much as looked at it side-ways. I’m still not thrilled with my tension, which I intentionally tried to make soft (perhaps too soft for me), but gradually tightened up as I got to the shape-work.

Wonderwoman (2)

My first guide round grew into something a little bit experimental. I had an idea to have these flappy little triangles, adorned with 15/0 gold seeds and matte blue drops in their valleys. I realised too late, that it wasn’t really practical – at least not the way I was doing it. But I was already committed, being several rounds in with lots of backwards and forwards thread-paths locking it in place.  I managed to make it work, but it does need refining. I’m certain that there is a better way to achieve a similar idea, but that will have to wait for another day.

Wonderwoman (1)

My second guide round was an internal one, a red petticoat under a blue skirt, both with gold-tipped flared wings.  These worked brilliantly and I love the way they nestle together. Wonder Woman in the Sky on Acid is available to purchase here.


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