I Promise This Won’t Become a Cat Blog

Recently when our cat Zakk went missing, I was surprised by the messages from well-wishers around the world. As most of you know, Zakk was found, via the internet, after nearly 3 weeks. He’s been much more of a home body since his return – still preferring to sleep outside, but making more frequent returns and occasionally peeing in my bathtub. He’s currently nursing an infected paw and is on antibiotics, but is otherwise back to good health.

Today, I am doubly grateful for his safe return, as yesterday we lost out other dear boy, Angus. That morning Angus lay on the deck, sunning himself while I scratched his head; half an hour later there was a knock at the door. A nice woman and her daughter asked me if I have a big white and ginger cat, as one has just been hit by a car. A terrible part of me, hoped that it was Tom, the beautiful, friendly cat from a couple of doors down, but luckily for Tom (and his equally lovely owner) it was not.


It was heartbreaking to lift his still warm, but limp body out of the gutter and into my baby-bath. I was terrified that he would move or make a sound, I hoped like hell he hadn’t survived injuries like that. Small blessings prevailed and he was gone. I covered him up, so the the kids didn’t see and called Husband. Husband moved him into a cardboard box and we had a burial for Angus in the back yard, our daughter wrote Angus a letter and drew a picture of him doing his favourite thing: scavenging pizza off somebody’s dinner plate. Later she drew a picture for Lita because “Angus is Lita’s only kitty friend”.


Angus was a supremely affectionate cat, he loved everyone whether they liked it or not. If there was a spare lap, it was for him. It was nice to know that he was always in the mood for a cuddle when I needed it. I will miss him immensely.


Attempting to suckle on Husband.


His gymnastics career was short. He decided that he preferred eating and sitting over physical exertion.


Our games of “Put stuff on Angus” was always pretty entertaining after a few drinks.


Only a cat truly appreciates the joys of a nap.

Such a sweet goodbye. We buried this with him.

Such a sweet goodbye. We buried this with him.


3 thoughts on “I Promise This Won’t Become a Cat Blog

      1. floridaborne

        Sweet. 🙂

        I have 2 huge coon cats who nuzzle me to pieces for treats. There’s nothing like a cat purring on your lap–unless it’s a dog sleeping next to you on a cold night.

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