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Wonder Woman’s Miyuki Renaissance

After listing my Wonder Woman in the Sky on Acid bracelet, one of my lovely customers inquired as to it’s size and alas, we found it to be to large for her. But instead, I’ve made her a custom horned bangle using the same colours. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and added in some extra sections of solid cobalt. I used a scalloped edge and nearly built an internal layer of wings on the petticoat, but changed my mind at the last instant, going for a red-edged, cobalt sleeve instead. This one reminds me of Japanese Muromachi architecture, which is fitting, seeing as it’s made entirely of Japanese Miyuki Delica beads.

Of all of my Contemporary Geometric Beadwork pieces, this is by far my favourite. I’ve finally found the tension that suits me best and a thread that I like. Nymo isn’t everyone choice, in fact I’m usually a die-hard Fireline fan, but for these projects I find it ideal. My only concern now is that it fits my customer!  I have rather un-feminine hands, so to me, it’s rather small, but it does have a decent amount of flex; I’m cautiously optimistic.

wonderwoman2 (2) wonderwoman2 (3) wonderwoman2 (4) wonderwoman2 (7)

Wonder Woman in the Sky on Acid

Today I’m unveiling my new CGB piece, this time a horned bangle.  While I was making it, it reminded me of Wonder Woman’s outfit. She always wore plain gold gauntlets, but if
Wonder Woman dropped a whole lot more acid, she might prefer something with wings and horns. This one started with 90 units of gold MRAW, a blue bead-soup background, 10 golden horns and then I tried my hand at Kate’s Elegant Guide Round. I used black Nymo D thread this time, which I found ideal for this project, and so much easier than my mystery thread from my last project, which tangled and frayed if I so much as looked at it side-ways. I’m still not thrilled with my tension, which I intentionally tried to make soft (perhaps too soft for me), but gradually tightened up as I got to the shape-work.

Wonderwoman (2)

My first guide round grew into something a little bit experimental. I had an idea to have these flappy little triangles, adorned with 15/0 gold seeds and matte blue drops in their valleys. I realised too late, that it wasn’t really practical – at least not the way I was doing it. But I was already committed, being several rounds in with lots of backwards and forwards thread-paths locking it in place.  I managed to make it work, but it does need refining. I’m certain that there is a better way to achieve a similar idea, but that will have to wait for another day.

Wonderwoman (1)

My second guide round was an internal one, a red petticoat under a blue skirt, both with gold-tipped flared wings.  These worked brilliantly and I love the way they nestle together. Wonder Woman in the Sky on Acid is available to purchase here.

I Promise This Won’t Become a Cat Blog

Recently when our cat Zakk went missing, I was surprised by the messages from well-wishers around the world. As most of you know, Zakk was found, via the internet, after nearly 3 weeks. He’s been much more of a home body since his return – still preferring to sleep outside, but making more frequent returns and occasionally peeing in my bathtub. He’s currently nursing an infected paw and is on antibiotics, but is otherwise back to good health.

Today, I am doubly grateful for his safe return, as yesterday we lost out other dear boy, Angus. That morning Angus lay on the deck, sunning himself while I scratched his head; half an hour later there was a knock at the door. A nice woman and her daughter asked me if I have a big white and ginger cat, as one has just been hit by a car. A terrible part of me, hoped that it was Tom, the beautiful, friendly cat from a couple of doors down, but luckily for Tom (and his equally lovely owner) it was not.


It was heartbreaking to lift his still warm, but limp body out of the gutter and into my baby-bath. I was terrified that he would move or make a sound, I hoped like hell he hadn’t survived injuries like that. Small blessings prevailed and he was gone. I covered him up, so the the kids didn’t see and called Husband. Husband moved him into a cardboard box and we had a burial for Angus in the back yard, our daughter wrote Angus a letter and drew a picture of him doing his favourite thing: scavenging pizza off somebody’s dinner plate. Later she drew a picture for Lita because “Angus is Lita’s only kitty friend”.


Angus was a supremely affectionate cat, he loved everyone whether they liked it or not. If there was a spare lap, it was for him. It was nice to know that he was always in the mood for a cuddle when I needed it. I will miss him immensely.


Attempting to suckle on Husband.


His gymnastics career was short. He decided that he preferred eating and sitting over physical exertion.


Our games of “Put stuff on Angus” was always pretty entertaining after a few drinks.


Only a cat truly appreciates the joys of a nap.

Such a sweet goodbye. We buried this with him.

Such a sweet goodbye. We buried this with him.

Introducing Mailye

It’s super simple, but it’s surprisingly effective. Mailye is a teeny little component jointed with jump rings. The first Mailye necklace was borne of experimentation, and I liked it so much I decided to keep it for myself.

mailyenecklace (1)

Afterwards, while rummaging though my bead stash, I spotted some beautiful turquoise AB Swarovski bicones and the temptation was too much, so I made another. This amazingly sparkly one can be found for sale here.

mailyenecklace2 (2)

Of course other configurations are possible too, it all depends on how you link them together. Here is my third Mailye installment, a pretty cuff in bronze and gold, with a handy magnetic clasp. This one is also available for purchase here.

mailye3 (2)