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That’s right, my gorgeous wee boy Zakky has come back to us through the magic of Facebook. Eighteen days after he disappeared, this is how things transpired this evening:

– Lovely Tania, from across town posts to the local SPCA’s facebook page that a large, skinny, tame-but-scared ginger cat has been hanging around her house for the last week.

– The wonderfully community minded Tina, who owns the Four Square (convenience store) in my previous town spotted the post and tagged me.

– I reply to the post, which prompts Tania to go outside and call him by name. Zakky comes running and Tania, being an volunteer animal foster carer, has a great big canvas pet carrier to trap him in.

– Tania sends me a message on facebook to let me know and I head over to ID him. Within half an hour of Tania’s posting on Facebook, Zakky-boy is safe at home. He’s very skinny, but he’s healthy. So far Zakk has had three meals, a tonne of cuddles and has reasserted his place at the head of the pride.

Zakky has never seen this rug before, and assumes it is a gift for his homecoming

Zakky has never seen this rug before, and assumes it is a gift for his homecoming

A ruler must assert his authority.

A ruler must assert his authority.



The Return of an Overlord. Kranky is not quite ready to resume her duties yet - a minion needs time to heal.

The Return of an Overlord. Kranky is not quite ready to resume her duties yet – a minion needs time to heal.

Doing his best Puss-in-Boots face during a petting frenzy.

Doing his best Puss-in-Boots face during a petting frenzy.

Santa Cruz

Perhaps the most surprising thing that I’ve learned about freeform peyote, is that it’s not particularly easy. There are countless ways for it to go awry and turn into a hideous mess. I spent more time looking at my piece, pondering my next move or trying to work out how to fix the aesthetic balance of the piece than doing actual beading.


I did enjoy the process, well, most of it; the ugly duckling phase was a little scary, and I thought I was going to have to rip it to bits and start again. The freedom to just choose whichever bead fits best was a rare joy, as was the ability to completely alter the look and feel on a whim. I hope I was able to do justice to the beautiful beachy “Summer Wave” focal bead made by the talented Lesley McIver of Glitz Art Glass, here in New Zealand. Check her out on Facebook to see her work as it comes out of the kiln, and remember, I’m more than happy to do commissions including any of the beads you see there. You can find this bracelet, named “Santa Cruz”, for sale at my Storenvy online store.

santacruz (9)santacruz (10) santacruz (11)

Thank God for Grandparents

Sometimes life gets incredibly hectic and stressful, and we find we suddenly have little time for the things we do solely for ourselves. The little moments of ‘me time’ that are so crucial to our sanity. As you can probably guess, my mind maintenance involves beads and wire. I’m trying to squeeze it in where I can, because without it I’d bust a blood vessel, but I’m not getting in nearly as much time as I use to. However, family comes first and lately I’m finding that family is leaving me a depleted husk of a human being by the end of the day. Having a child with ADHD and on the autism spectrum will do that from time to time.  Luckily for us, Nanny and Poppa have come to the rescue and taken our youngest to sleepover for a couple of days, allowing us to devote some extra time where it’s needed most. Hopefully things will settle down soon and I’ll be able to explore all the ideas lurking around in my head – starting with Freeform Peyote!

In the meantime, here is a showcase (aka blog-filler) of some of my creations this year:

fortunekeeper (4) fortunekeeper (5)vitrailpeardiana hayleyneck sofia2 (2) coppersuede karensskull triangulum2 rosetta (7) liz vicious (3) Highway (2) newbeginningsdiana

The Woes of a Catlady

An off topic post for today, as I am currently mourning the disappearance of my beloved, oldest kitty, Zakk. Moving house with four cats was always going to be tricky: new smells, new territory to establish, new rivals.

The first outings of the kitty gang was revealing in terms of individual personalities. The “under-dog” Lita, was the first to venture outside, doing a quick lap around the perimeter, then spend ample time peering over fences in to the neighbouring properties. She quickly established a system of roof-top/fence-top shortcuts and made her self at home.

Two days later the Alpha-male, Zakk and his highly strung personal secretary and hygiene assistant, Kranky emerged. Zakk had the first lap of the back yard, while Krank mimicked him a few feet behind and Lita watched from the garage roof. Both Zakk and PA returned to the safety of the bedroom for the rest of the day.


Angus, the dumb but loveable oaf, remained hidden under the blankets at the foot of the bed for several more days, coming out in the dead of night to eat and use the litter tray. Eventually he ventured out, only to become frightened and hide under the house for a day and a night.

Each cat gradually adopted a new routine, Lita slowly coaxed her playmate, Angus, back into play fighting and found a new hobby in skidding on the wood floor. Zakk returned to his usual habit of exploring far and wide, only returning once or twice each day for food and an ear scratch. Angus resumed dinner table scavenging. Krank continued cleaning Zakk’s ears and butt – a duty that she has taken very seriously since she was a 5 week old kitten.


Then Zakk stopped coming home. The last time I saw him, he was trying to eat while Krank held his head and jammed her tongue in his ear – his usual dinnertime routine. Angus sat nearby waiting his turn, while Lita, knowing her place in the pecking order, hid in the pantry. It’s been 5 days now, and he has not returned. It’s possible he’s decided to head back to our old place, but knowing Zakk, I think it’s more likely that he’s found himself a new human pet. One with a quieter house and a comfier sofa. He has a well documented history of making himself welcome in the homes of strangers and I have long suspected that he had another family in our old town. I’ve put posters up and contacted the local shelter, but I’m not getting my hopes up – I just hope wherever he his, he’s safe and warm and has a fully belly.