The Chaos Subsides – Somewhat

You may have noticed the lack of blog posts over the last few weeks. Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about posting, this will not be one of the millions of blogs abandoned and left to drift aimlessly through cyber-space for generations. I have a good excuse for my neglect: last weekend we moved house. It’s a huge change for our family, we’re closer to Husbands’ work, our daughter will be going to a new school and our son to a new kindy, our four cats have a new territory to establish and new neighbourhood rivals to contend with. Our cockatiel Ninja couldn’t care less.

Things have been insane ever since. Our new home, though beautiful, doesn’t appear to have had a lot of housekeeping so I’ve been very busy cleaning grimy windows and skirting boards, as well as trying to figure out where things should go. The kids have been restless and difficult as they adjust to their new world, so there’s been tantrums a-plenty and lots of bedtime resistance. Needless to say that by the time I get to put my feet up at night, I’m much to tired to put effort into beadwork. Husband threw a small spanner in the works by getting T-Boned in his car last night just around the corner. He’s ok, but his company car isn’t in a good way.  Between that and the screaming children, I’m feeling a little sorry for the people of this formerly peaceful neighbourhood.

I’m sure everything will normalise soon and I’ll get back into my groove before I know it.


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