Most of the time, men are infuriating. I often suspect that this is entirely intentional. But every now and then, one of them does something redeeming. Today, husband rescued my beads.  That’s right, even after getting a new key, my beads were still stuck. This is because my brand new key broke almost immediately after being inserted in to the keyhole from Hell.  Anyway, husband removed the back of my cabinet. My beads and bits are now safely tucked away in lidded plastic storage bins, hidden from the prying hands of my children.


Husband also removed the lock so that I can take it in to a locksmith. Inside the mechanism, was not a doorway to a fiery pit of damnation as I had come to expect;  instead we found, the teeth from my new key, a small plastic tag and a nib from a ball-point pen. Oh the joys of children – although, I must admit, experience tell me I got off light here.



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