The Curse of the Vintage Barrel Key

Something terrible has happened.

I have lost the key to my bead cabinet. A few years ago, my original key was taken by one of my children, presumably to the garden, never to be seen again. My mother gave me one of her keys, as she owns a cabinet with the same lock. It came with the stern warning of “Don’t lose this one, I don’t have another spare”.  Sorry Mum.

I don’t know how I could have been so careless.  It is the most important key I own. I look after it better than I look after my house keys and my car keys.  I know it’s whereabouts, even when I don’t know where my own children are.  But somehow I still lost it.


My poor beads, they must be so frightened….

It happened after my order from Fire Mountain Gems arrived on Thursday, but before my order from The Bead Hold arrived on Friday. I spent far too long admiring my goodies from FMG and lamenting over the excess plastic packaging, when suddenly it was 2pm and I had only fifteen minutes before I had to leave to pick up my son from Kindergarten. I could have waited until afterward to put my new beads away, I should have waited, but I didn’t. I thought 15 minutes was plenty of time. So when I looked up and saw 2.15pm on the clock above the aforementioned cabinet, I hurriedly bundled the last of my boxes inside, locked the door, (….something, something, something….), then jumped in the car and off I went.

Fast forward to the next day: Oh, another parcel on my doorstep! A lovely package from The Bead Hold. Some much needed black wire and some much desired Super-duos and Rullas. Too busy to put them away just yet, I’ll do it later. I throw them into my special “Essentials” box to deal with later.

Later: Kids are in bed, time to make something pretty. I grab my Essentials box, which contains my threads, needles, pliers, cutters, scoop, a nifty little Japanese puzzle eraser gifted to me by Kate McKinnon and the all important KEY. But there is no key here this day. I search high and low, I recount the previous days events, what happened during the “something, something, something” blank space in my memory?  I search in the car, I search in every logical place, and many illogical places. I search both logical and illogical places multiple times. I’m not ashamed to admit that I may have needed to hold back tears a little; you must understand, my sanity was compromised during this stressful event.

I still don’t know quite where or how the key has disappeared, but on Wednesday, I’m heading to Mum’s house, to steal her key and hope that I find someone who can make me a replica or five.


5 thoughts on “The Curse of the Vintage Barrel Key

    1. jennysangster Post author

      Pockets are a rare feature on my outfits, a more likely possibility would be that I mindlessly tucked it into my bra and it’s slipped out somewhere. I really need to stop putting things in my bra…

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