Hot Summer Nights Are Not as Sexy as They Sound

I’m very behind in my blogging and my beading lately. House selling and buying negotiations have been dealt with, schools have been checked out and insurance arrangements have been made. Now there’s nothing left to do but to anxiously wait and see if it is all going to work out.

Summer has finally decided to come to the party, now that Autumn is right around the corner. The nights are stifling, I’m sleeping (or rather, not sleeping) with a wet towel.  The husband is going to work at ungodly hours because it beats the misery of laying around sweating. The children are restless, which means chronic sleep-deprivation for all. I’ve been trying to get time to bead in the evenings, but it’s not going well. Even if I was to get time tonight, I don’t think I could focus of the beads due to the pounding in my head and the fog behind my eyes.

Before the madness began, I did manage to finish and upload my ‘Sofia‘ necklace to the store. It’s sparkling Swarovski crystals are a joy to see in the sunshine.

sofia2 (2)


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