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My Plastic Bag Order Arrived

One of my favourite things is when a box from Fire Mountain Gems, arrives full of sparkles and happiness.  It’s so satisfying to rip the box open, check off everything on the list and find that once again, my order is without flaw. Fire Mountain have brilliant customer service.

But then comes the unpackaging process. This is where it gets tedious.
In my order I bought two gorgeous vials of of pea-green Miyuki Delicas. Each vial was sealed in it’s own plastic bag. The two bags containing the vials were then packed into a zip-lock bag, which was placed inside yet another sealed bag. This forth sealed bag was put inside another larger zip-lock bag which contained a gazilion (slight exaggeration) other little packages containing more bags and beads. This larger bag was placed in a box with another large bag full of bags and beads, wrapped in bubble-wrap, with a lovely piece of green tissue paper placed on top with a heart-shaped sticker proclaiming that my order was “packed with love”.

I adore Fire Mountain Gems, but surely there must be a better, less wasteful way. I’m sure there must be a good reason for the way Fire Mountain Gems packages their goods. Possibly it is something to do with simplifying their processes in the warehouse, I don’t really know. All that I know, is that it seems excessive, and it’s not exactly eco-friendly.


If you want to see what an order that is TRULY packaged with love, take a look at the parcel I got from the Queen Bead at The Bead Hold this morning. Only one layer of plastic bubble wrap to protect the goods inside, firmly wrapped to prevent movement, and actually gift wrapped!  The Queen Bead herself is approachable and happy to give advice to her customers. Nothing beats the personal touch of a small local business. Find The Bead Hold on Facebook.


And a card telling me to have fun with my bits…..O.o


Hot Summer Nights Are Not as Sexy as They Sound

I’m very behind in my blogging and my beading lately. House selling and buying negotiations have been dealt with, schools have been checked out and insurance arrangements have been made. Now there’s nothing left to do but to anxiously wait and see if it is all going to work out.

Summer has finally decided to come to the party, now that Autumn is right around the corner. The nights are stifling, I’m sleeping (or rather, not sleeping) with a wet towel.  The husband is going to work at ungodly hours because it beats the misery of laying around sweating. The children are restless, which means chronic sleep-deprivation for all. I’ve been trying to get time to bead in the evenings, but it’s not going well. Even if I was to get time tonight, I don’t think I could focus of the beads due to the pounding in my head and the fog behind my eyes.

Before the madness began, I did manage to finish and upload my ‘Sofia‘ necklace to the store. It’s sparkling Swarovski crystals are a joy to see in the sunshine.

sofia2 (2)

Hustle, Bustle and Crystal Goodness

It’s been a busy place around here lately. School is well and truly back into it for the year and my afternoons are lost in a bustle of homework, cries for attention from my little one and a frantic rush to get dinner sorted. We’re in the process of selling our house and looking for a new one in a different town. I often find myself shut in my room, talking to Real Estate agents while the kids beat on the door, lamenting their boredom or deprived bellies. Husband has been working tirelessly while trying to find time to finish building a deck on to the back of our current house. Thankfully, most of it is done now after some friends showed up one Sunday with their hammers in hand.

I’m still finding time most evenings to make jewellery, which helps to put my mind at rest after all the chaos of the day. I finished the netted bracelets that I mentioned in my last post and I have listed them for sale in my Storenvy Shop. I named them Rosetta, and I think they’re just darling. I also had some commission work come in, which is fantastic. It’s such a boost when someone admires my work enough to want some of it for themselves. Funnily enough the lovely lady who contacted me has a personal connection. She was a Nurse in the small town I grew up in and she knew my Grandmother. I often wonder what Nana would think of my jewellery if she were here to see it. I think she would approve, she liked a bit of movie-star glamour – she adored Marylin Monroe. Perhaps I would have made her a Swarovski Pear necklace too, in a sparkling Peridot.


Custom Swarovski Vitrail Pear Necklace.

Custom Swarovski Heliotrope Rivoli New Beginnings Necklace

Custom Swarovski Heliotrope Rivoli New Beginnings Necklace