The Secrets of the Fortune Keeper

fortunekeeper (10)

In bead work, as in life, things often take unexpected turns and end up very different to how you imagined. My Fortune Teller is a Fortune Teller no more. I was expecting to be working on it for another week, but last night as I began decreasing the horns, it abruptly informed me that it was headed in a different direction. I obliged, because I believe that creativity is all about giving in to whims and seeing where they take you.

fortunekeeper (1) fortunekeeper (3) fortunekeeper (4) fortunekeeper (5)

The resulting object is a little mysterious. I don’t quite know what it is. It’s not jewellery, so I guess it must be art. I can not call it a Fortune Teller, because it’s simply not. So I’m calling it a Fortune Keeper, as it is a secretive creature. For the moment it is poised on my dresser, looking like a menacing spiked sea-star and intimidating my blown-glass perfume bottle. Soon, I will turn it over so it can mimic a great big daisy, and let the neon yellow petals brighten up this gloomy foggy excuse for a summers day.


6 thoughts on “The Secrets of the Fortune Keeper

  1. Julie Shear

    I Love the Keeper of Fortune Secrets your hands created Jenny! It does look like a Sea Star And a Bright Beautiful Daisy!!! How WONDERFUL!

  2. Patricia Wren

    What’s great about this is versatility, by just flipping it over you have a totally different shape, mood, style… and your color choices are lovely and striking. Well done!!


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