Fortuneteller Addiction


Being utterly in love with my first Fortune Teller I did something completely outrageous for someone with my short attention span: I started another.  Of course doing the same thing twice is dreadfully dull so I had to make some changes.

My first change would be my thread choice.  I am usually faithful to Fireline,  it’s robust and foolproof and can deal with the abuse of my high tension. I had intended to experiment with different threads several moons ago when I purchased some very cute little bobbins of nylon thread. The trouble is, I can no longer remember just what thread it is. I had thought that it was Silamide,  but it would seem that Silamide isn’t sold on bobbins like this. My next best bet is C-Lon; I know that it’s not Nymo as I’ve worked with it before .  However, because C-Lon purportedly has “almost no stretch”, I remain flummoxed.  To me, this mystery thread has plenty of stretch.  I guess elasticity is a matter of perception,  I have after all,  been working exclusively with a zero – stretch product.

A close-up of the famous MRAW band.

A close-up of the famous MRAW band.

I’m now 16 hours in to my second, much larger Fortune Teller. Progress is slow as I adjust to the delicate nature of nylon thread, a much softer tension and the extra length I have added to each peak.  One thing that I can say for certain, I’m missing using Patrick Duggan’s miracle Fireline joining technique,  it is a huge time-saver but it can’t be done with this thread. It’s difficult to tell just how the changes will affect the finished piece this early on, but I’m expecting it to be a vastly different result.


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