Kina Ice-cream

I have just completed my first ever Fortuneteller Bangle, a design introduced to myself and many others from Kate McKinnon’s Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Volume I. I said I was going to try to stay true to the pattern, rather than deviate off on to my usual tangents but alas, there is one very small change. I accidentally began my mini-horn increases one notch further down into the valleys. This did not affect the overall design significantly – just slightly smaller horns.

My version has been compared to a sea urchin (which we in New Zealand call ‘kina’) and the colours make me think of ice-cream, so I named the piece ‘Kina Ice-cream’ – which sounds absolutely wretched, so I like the irony of giving the name to such a pretty thing.  I won’t clutter up this post with any more words, I will simply share my photos with you all.

017 020 022 029 031 022

2 thoughts on “Kina Ice-cream

    1. jennysangster Post author

      Thank you Mary, I wish I could. Unfortunately, most of my colours were bought from a clearance sale and were not labelled. It’s a bit frustrating not having the numbers, but the price was just too good to pass up.


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