Fortune Teller


Big projects. They’re both the bane of, and reason for my existence. Painfully slow, but oh so rewarding. I’ve been pining for a big project for a while and have several floating around in my brain at any one time, which frankly, makes choosing one very difficult. Among the embryonic ideas are a peyote portrait of Alice Cooper, a snakeskin inspired armband, a CRAW necklace and a bunch of unidentified trinkets. But one the thing that’s been playing on my mind more than anything, is my very own Fortune Teller bangle.

The original Fortune Teller was designed by Christina Vandervlist and featured in Kate McKinnon’s book Contemporary Geometric Beadwork Vol I. I have made a few pieces using the techniques in this amazing book, but nothing quite so intriguing as this gem. I have been looking forward to it for sometime and with the release of CGB Vol II looming ever nearer, now is a good time to get some more of these sculptural concepts under my belt.


The original fortune teller. Artwork and photography by Christina Vandervlist. Genius!

My struggle will be following the pattern, not because I find the instructions difficult to read, but because of the constant temptation to experiment. Now I know that Kate herself would encourage me to do this, “go forth and create,” she would say “expand on our ideas and turn our world upside down!” But just this once I will restrain myself. I want to have a completed, original, Fortune Teller in my hands to inspect. I want to have a tangible three dimensional model that I can hold as I envision what other possibilities it holds. My creative license will be in the colour choice and pattern. I can’t wait to see it finished but first I must endure a few weeks of alternating tedium and delight as I watch it grow.

This vague shape took me 6 hours. I need to work with better lighting.

This vague shape took me 6 hours. I need to work with better lighting.


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