Healing Jewellery


Recently, I had an enquiry from a mother asking if I could make a necklace for her son using healing gemstones. While I do occasionally use gemstones, both in my jewellery and in my personal life, they’re not a subject I can claim expertise on. I am, however, interested in the subject and felt honoured to be asked. Now I’m not sure just how useful gemstones are in regards to their metaphysical properties, perhaps they resonate with the body and soul acting as a catalyst for healing, perhaps they function entire because of a placebo effect. However they work, it is clear that many people find them to be very effective and as long as they’r e not being used in lieu of medical care, they certainly can’t hurt. 2013-12-14 19.52.37

After doing some very thorough research I found out which stones were the most appropriate for the issues that my client wanted to address and set about finding a source for the beads and planning a design.  I do feel that a certain amount of intuition comes in to play when selecting stones, I found myself rejecting stones that matched my criteria for no reason other than they didn’t ‘feel right’ for the purpose. I’m very pleased with the end result, and I hope my client and her son will be too.


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