A little bit about myself


A game has been doing the rounds on Facebook lately, no doubt you’ve seen it. It’s where you’re allocated with a number, and which ever number you’re given, that is how many facts you have to share about yourself. You then have to give a number to everyone who ‘likes’ your post. They in turn share that number of facts about themselves. I thought that this would be a fun idea to steal for my blog, to share with you, dear reader, a little about myself. I chose the number ten, for no other reason, than it’s a good, round number. Here it goes:

1. I have two children who are clever, funny, mischievous and drive me up the wall because they’re always two steps ahead of me.

2. I have several tattoos and piercings, and would love more tattoos when time and money permits.

3.  I love rock and metal, but also classical music. My favourite live acts in equal measures are Slayer and Alice Cooper. I wish I could resurrect Freddie Mercury.

4. I’m boring, I go ‘out’ about once a year.

5. Mints make me sneeze.

6. I love rats. I’ve had 7 pet rats and raised a litter of 13. They’re clever, funny, affectionate personalities who are under-rated and often thrown to the mercy of children because people think they’re an ‘easy care’ first pet. Poor wee souls. I don’t have any rats right now, because I feel that I don’t have enough time to devote to their needs.

7. I believe that I’m a naturally selfish person. Having children has helped make me less selfish, but I still get upset occasionally that I can’t go to the bathroom without a child-related interruption.

8. I use the ‘C’ word. A lot. I can’t help it, it just comes out.

The C-word.

The C-word. I really don’t have a problem with it.

9. I get tremors. I always have. Sometimes its because of nerves and social anxiety, other times there’s no reason. It always happens in my hands, but sometimes it’s so bad that my whole body – even my face trembles. It’s horribly embarrassing, especially because people seem to like pointing it out.

10. I love art, clever art. Dali, Banksy, Terry Border, Jennifer Maestre, Oleg Shuplyak. Google them and broaden your mind.

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