There a certain reality in our world, that blows my mind because it undeniably confirms the fact that each one us is entirely unique. It is that no one, NO ONE, on this tiny blue ball that is rocketing through space toward oblivion, is experiencing this moment in the exact same way that you are. They could be doing the same thing as you, looking at the same object, listening to the same song, but they are not experiencing any of it, in the same way that you are right now. That moment is yours and it exists only between your mind and the ether.

012This spark of a notion always gives me joy in the small things. Take this bracelet that I made for example; after completing her and spending a day looking at her, I couldn’t come up with a name for her. To social media I turned, open to suggestions. Every single suggestion was unique, each person saw the bracelet in a slightly different way. Some of the suggestions included Christmas Rose, Rubies in the Smoke, Raspberry Parfait, Stardust, Poppy and Southern Floral.  I decided to go with Pohutukawa, which was suggested by Lesley McIver, who is an artist herself, working with molten glass in her workshop in Takaka.

Pohutukawa is a very fitting name given the Christmas-y feel of the bracelet; for those of you who are not New Zealand based, the Pohutukawa is a beautiful native tree which has masses of spikey red flowers during summertime.  It’s known as the “Kiwi Christmas tree” and has become a national Christmas symbol just as common place as bells and reindeer.

Pohutukawa has now been uploaded in the online store, you can find it here.


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