The weather is absolutely amazing here right now. The sun is shining, birds are singing, and the flowers in my neglected garden are blooming. We’ve had the barbeque out of the shed, which is the most telling sign heralding the beginning of a Kiwi summer.  Summer fruit must be nearly here, because yesterday, I was lucky enough to spot a kereru perched on a powerline in Eltham. I wish I’d had a camera with me.

Young Native Kereru by Arist Jo Gallagher.

Young Native Kereru by Arist Jo Gallagher.

I love our native pigeons, it was the first time I’ve seen one since I was living in New Plymouth 8 years ago. We had a fig tree in the back yard and the kereru would spend the summer months getting drunk on the fermenting fruit. They were beautiful, but it was slightly nerve-wracking watching the massive birds drunkenly trying to perch on twigs that were far too flimsy for their bulk. They would routinely fall out of the trees. Thankfully out cat, Dime, was far too afraid of them to try anything foolish.

In beady news, I’m nearly finished a new bracelet which has yet to be named.  Next up is a couple of wire necklaces that I have promised to make, then … I don’t know. I have lots of ideas waiting in the wings, flowers, fortunetellers, skyscrapers, sparkles and sunbeams.


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