New Storenvy Store


After much research I’ve decided to make the move to Storenvy. Previously I have had my jewellery listed with Storefleet, this suited me for a time. But after a while I became frustrated with the frequent down-times, the time consuming background work and the less-than-attractive format. A few months ago, I began searching for alternatives. I painstakingly went over all of my options and Storenvy came out on top most of the time. Storenvy is beautifully laid out, easy to use behind the dashboard, cheap and has much better ‘shareablity’.  It’s basically Etsy without the fees, but not just for handmade items (although these days neither is Etsy).

It’s not perfect, but then nothing is. The only real issue I have with Storenvy is that listings can only be made in US Dollars. This is a shame because being New Zealand based, the majority of my sales are local. This fact was the only reason I put off the switch for so long, but in the end the pros outweighed that con.  Most people who shop online are tech savvy and are use to shopping in US Dollars, and currency conversion is only a visit to Google away.

storenvylistingI am aware that some of you may have discount coupon codes of either $10 or 10% off your next purchase. Unfortunately I can not honor these on Storenvy, however I do keep a record of the codes and if you email me with your code, I will exchange with a new code for 20% off your next purchase through the new store. These new codes will be valid until January 1 2014.

Storenvy accepts credit card payments through PayPal. I can’t offer Bank Deposit as a means of payment on Storenvy, but should anyone wish to purchase from me using this method, I’m happy to oblige. Simply email me at and I will arrange it. Check out the new store HERE.

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