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Pictured is my most recent completed piece, Harlequin. The complex pattern of overlapping diamonds reminded me of the bright colours and patterns of the harlequin stage costumes of yesteryear. It was inspired by the work of Kate McKinnon, author of Contemporary Geometric beadwork. After seeing a photo of it, Kate has asked that I send it Image 01to her in Arizona so that she can photograph it herself. She has also asked if I would make another similar piece, which is in progress now. I’m extremely flattered that Kate would request my work, as I never considered myself to be be of the same caliber of the amazing artists who have contributed to her first volume of CGB. Of course I am aware than not every photographed piece will make it to print, and mine may very well end up on the cutting room floor – but simply to be asked and to have my work admired by my peers (and a few idols) is enough to inflate my ego and have me strutting around the house like some kind of chunky Mick Jagger.

The new armband is of cooler hues and is looking fantastic so far, but the process is slow. The pattern is based on the same idea, but is entirely new. I only work at night due to being a busy stay at home mum, or as the internet would say, ‘SAHM’ (am I the only one who finds these acronyms irritating?). I usually manage between 3 and 4 hours of work a night, but I would happily bead 8 hours a day if I could. I’m not a patient person and to see my creation grow by mere millimeters is frustrating. But I keep going because I know how great it’s going to feel to see it finished.

These pieces won’t be available for sale for a while, but I am happy to do custom work for anyone who would like one. No two will be the same and there is a huge range of colour options available. If you would like a quote (with no obligation) for a Harlequin armband or any other jewellery email me at sales@jennysangster.co.nz


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